Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Viral Immunotherapy, A New Treatment for Cancer

Cancer Experiment
We know that there is no yet a proper treatment for killer diseases like cancers. Of course they would become fatal when they occur on inner organs or skin. Recently London doctors have found an innovative treatment in which cold causing viruses are taken for the treatment.

In fact cold causing viruses will never create health problems like cancer viruses. These viruses have been converted to work against cancer creating ones by genetical process. Since, there is no any successful treatment to cure cancers, this could be a breath taking news in the medical world.

This new treatment is known as Viral Immunotherapy and here cold viruses will be subjected to genetic changes  and they will work in two different ways against cancer. In one way these safer viruses begin to kill cancer viruses by staying with them and in another way, they naturally increase immunity power of body and help it fight against cancer.

Doctors say that when this new treatment is added with already existing treatments, we can expect more favorable results. It has been already proven that viral immunotherapy have shown great results among skin cancer patients. When 400 skin cancer patients were given this treatment, doctors noted good improvement in the health condition of them.Doctors hope it could be so helpful in near future to treat all types of cancers.  

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