Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Useful Tips to Protect Your Google Accounts from Hackers

These days it has become very common that many Google applications and accounts are hacked by someones online. Generally persons who have been trying to hack others Google accounts would get passwords and usernames from other systems in which those accounts have been already opened. To protect your Google accounts from hackers, here are some useful tips.

Choose a strong password: Many people seem to be very careless in choosing passwords for their accounts. The passwords should contain minimum 8 letters. It will be nice to use both capital and small letters when you choose them. Sometimes numbers and special characters can be also added in order to increase the strength of them. But, avoid adding the number that indicates your birthday or birth year. Another great mistake done by the most of  people is that they choose very common passwords like 'password' and 'batman'. So, make sure that your password should be unique.

Two Step Login: This can be a good idea to perform two step login when you operate your Google accounts, You can select this option in account setting page.

Recovery Email: Whenever you are asked for your recovery email, please don't hesitate to add it in your account settings. This would be very useful to get back your account in case it was hacked by other persons.

Keep your Eye on Account Activities: This is a great feature of Google which shows recent account activities. From this we can clearly know our own login activities as well as unknown activities.

Google's Warning Messages: Whenever Google detects the login of our accounts from some other systems, it will immediately send us warning message to ensure the safety of our account. We can use this service and change immediately the password of our account.

Don't use Google login in other sites and application: It will be always advisable to avoid using same login details for Google and other sites. Of course, they should be different. If you use the same login details in other sites and application, it would just become an opportunity for hackers to steal them.

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