Friday, June 12, 2015

Google's 10 more New Features

Google has planned to introduce 10 more new features to attract its customers. It's believed that they would also get popularity like previous ones.

1. Android M: This is nothing but a good alternative to Lollipop android of this company that enables save personal information like phone numbers, addresses and names with additional securities.

2. Brillo OS: This is a new OS that can be connected with Internet and this is simplified version of Android platform.

3. New Photo Sharing: This new photo sharing helps share your photos in Google plus with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

4. New Nexus Device: New Nexus devices have been designed so that they get along with  Huawei and LG.

5. Chromecast 2: This is another improved version of previous Chromecast.  This would be a thumb size media and can accept all kinds of video formats.

6. Smart Watch: This smart watch is based on Google Android and would cost more than 2000 USD.

7. Wearing Google Gadgets: Last year Google introduced Google glass, but it didn't get much popularity among users. Now, it has come up with an new idea of wearing Google gadgets.

8. Live Google Satellite View: Live Google satellite image of important parts of the world will help predict weather conditions and storms.

9. You Tube Live Game: Besides with its You Tube platform, Google has planned to offer an exciting programme of You Tube live game to its customers.

10. New Changes in Log in: So far log-in Google sites is accomplished in single phase and now it has been proposed to perform it in two phases.

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