Friday, June 5, 2015

Delhi Metro Rail Introduces Driverless Train For The First Time

Driver-less Train
New Delhi metro rail service has planned to introduce driver-less train for the first time in India. This new train is going to be built on South Korean technology in Sangwan of South Korea. The controlling centers of Delhi Metro are going to operate this type of trains.

This train will carry the passengers of Delhi along two important routes namely Majlish - Park-Shiv Vihar and Janakpuri West - Botanical Garden which cover a travelling distance of 59 and 38 Km respectively. Since it doesn't contain a separate cabin for driver, its passenger holding capacity will be higher than other metro trains. I is said that every time more than 2500 passengers can travel in it. To ensure safety of the passengers, inside and outside of each compartment will be provided with CCTV camera.

Delhi metro officer reported that carriages of this train will be built in South Korea and also by B.E.M.L in Bangalore, India. 

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