Friday, June 19, 2015

Driverless Car From Baidu in China

China's web giant Baidu is soon to introduce the driver less car. In this age of fast developing technology, driver- less trains and cars have been introduced in many countries. After Google has introduced its driver-less car, China's web giant has proposed to make driver less cars.

For this Baidu has made an agreement with a popular automobile company of the country. Enhanced technology, Baidu Map and extra ordinary sensible system are things going to be used in the manufacturing of driver-less cars. To run this cars successfully Baidu seeks the help of Finland to improve its map.

It is reported that Baidu brain that drives car will have gathered more than 2000 crores of data to run it safely as human brain.

Recently Google has completed test driving of driver less car. It is hope that in near there will be a good competition between these two companies. 

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